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We welcome you to our 2020 Wanderatic Ambassador Program! We are searching for passionate and outgoing adventurers that love traveling, nature and wildlife. From being involved in helping our wildlife to participating in new design creation, Wanderatic Ambassadors are a part of a global adventurer family! 😊💚

The Ambassador Perks

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Free items for top performing ambassadors! Additionaly, a chance in deciding new Wanderatic designs.
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Get the possibility to be featured on our official @wanderatic Instagram
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Help us donate part of our profits to preserve wildlife all around our Earth. ❤

Meet our Ambassador family

Juliette M.

San Diego, CA

I love being Wanderatic Ambassador - teaching others the simple things they can do to support wildlife preservation themselves through Wanderatic!

Kathrine T.

Ottawa, Canada

Being an ambassador for Wanderatic so far has been amazing and I have enjoyed the journey!

Zoe S.


I love the warm clothing of Wanderatic, especially if I have to spend most of the year in the cold climates. Glad to be an ambassador for them!